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طرابزون هو أفضل مطعم يجب أن تحصل عليه
Farklı tadlar diyarı

   It is also known as the Fatih or Irene tower. Because there are no documents concerning why or when it was built, we can’t offer information that is 100% correct. It’s said that Irene, who was an empress from 1340-1341, had it built to use it as an aristocracy assembly in Trabzon. Looking at the albums of the “Istanbul Library” with pictures of our building with Sultan Abdülhamid (1887), we can assume that it was used as an arsenal for military means. From 1916-1918, during the time of Russia’s occupation of Trabzon, it had been used as an Arsenal until it was bombed and damaged on the 9th of July 1919.

   Having a history of almost 800 years and after being restored, its original walls of Stone still remain. This building, in all its beauty, is waiting for you, dear guests.

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